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We manufacture multi connector assemblies exactly to print. From the simple to the complex, our cabling team has the experience to finish the job right. Plus our competitive price will bring you back for all your cabling needs.



Our team can complete the process by assembling your boards and components into full box builds. All we need are the drawings and parts and our electromechanical assembly team can finish out the build based on your product's unique demands.



We can test the functionality of your board against your unique set of criterion. Whether it is something as simple as hooking up a power supply, or running through a computer to test functionality let us handle these tasks so you can focus on the development and integration.



We will store, count and manage the distribution of your parts! Our trained staff is equipped to manage your inventory from receipt through audit, cataloging in our digital MRP, and distribution to your projects. We can keep you up to date on any shortages for planned productions and will let you know when you are running low on inventory. Each part will be digitally cataloged by our team and warehouse space will be directly assigned to your organization. Need balance on a specific part? Or extra parts sent out for rework? No problem, our responsive front office staff is available throughout the day to help you meet your project's demands.