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We can help from start to finish! Leave your finished boards with us and we can assemble them into their final housing units. We also have the capabilities to pack and ship directly to your customer.



Already have parts for your project? No problem! Send us your materials and we'll do a complete audit to ensure we have everything we need to begin your project. When providing your own parts, please be sure to order parts on a continuous strip when available and also plenty of overage, especially on passive components. Feel free to ask us for a recommendation on how much to order!



We can test the functionality of your boards against your unique set of criterion. Whether it is something as simple as measuring voltage or hooking up the board to a power supply, programming a chip or running a functionality test, we can perform these tasks so you can focus on final steps and integration.



We can store, audit and manage the inventory of your parts! For production and frequent repeat orders, we recommend our customers set their kits up in our MRP system so we can accurately and efficiently track the balance of their parts. We can keep you up to date on any shortages for planned productions and will let you know when you are running low on inventory. Each part will be digitally cataloged by our team and warehouse space will be allocated for your parts. Need balance on a specific part? Or extra parts sent out for rework? No problem, our team is available throughout the day to help you meet your project's demands.



Whether your boards were assembled with us or another CM, we can rework boards to your new specifications. If there is an unknown issue, we are happy to take a look at the issue and help solve the problem.