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Let Century Technology use our years of buying experience and close relationships with all major distributors to save you money on your next project. Because we are the main buyer for most of our customers, we have developed significant cost savings for off the shelf components which includes free shipping from distributors on most items. Our computerized MRP system is integrated with our inventory team and is audited consistently to ensure that our customers have the right parts at the right time.



We work directly with suppliers in China and Vietnam. We can communicate directly with our vendors overseas and describe your needs in their native language so there is no miscommunication, all this while passing the savings from direct buying onto you. Whether it's a prototype or a full production run, let us source your next board or board level component direct from the manufacturers.



We will gladly take kitted parts and build your next project. Each kit goes through a careful audit against your bill of materials so you will know right away that your project is on track. As soon as all parts are received we can turn your kit into a finished product usually no longer than 7 days