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PCB Assembly

For OEMs and engineering firms in the bay area it is best to keep your production close. At Century Technology, every product is manufactured with strict controls for accuracy and compliance to industry standards. We offer conventional thru-hole assembly and state-of-the-art surface mount technologies to finish your boards with the highest degree of accuracy and speed.


Surface-Mount Assembly

Our highly trained professionals deliver a quality product through continuous training and proper maintenance of our multiple pick and place machines. Each machine incorporates advanced in-line visual inspection systems ensuring a high degree of quality in part placement. Additionally, our equipment can run double sided boards and has the capacity to run hundreds of different tapes/tubes in a single production run. Let us be the go-to surface mount manufacturer for your prototype and small to medium production needs.


Through-Hole Assembly

Our assembly lines support both simple and complex projects. Each member of the team has extensive training in proper placement and is held to the highest quality standard by our separate QC team. Our through-hole assembly system is highly efficient and adaptable to meet your project's unique and time sensitive demands.